Our goal is to bring to market the most comprehensive platform for asset tokenization. The Kyubex Tokenization Platform with its related ecosystem enables the management of tokenization processes and the investment in tokenized assets, offering an intuitive and simple user experience for all parties involved. By creating a technological manifold between the real world and the digital asset, we want to offer the STO investor the possibility to implement risk mitigation strategies that are unprecedented in the field of digital finance. In this way, we aim to make Kyubex an aggregator of companies, investors and professionals, a place where they can obtain capital, grow professionally, and earn from their investments in an economy based on work and not speculation.


What is the EKY token?

The EKY token is a utility token necessary for all internal processes within the Kyubex platform. EKY will in fact be the internal exchange currency, with which the fees of the professionals, the platform and the ecosystem services are paid. The token is issued in limited quantities and periodically subjected to a burning procedure to control its circulation.


What are the benefits?

The token is necessary for companies, investors, and professionals alike who want to acquire services on the platform; as tokens grow, the demand for the token will grow against a limited supply and indeed one that tends to diminish over time.Owning EKY will therefore become indispensable to take part in the future of digitised finance.


What is the purpose of ICO?

Through the ICO, which ends in October 2023, contributors can purchase the EKY token by taking advantage of a lower price, set at various stages of the Initial Offering, before the token is listed and the price is decided in the market.

Time left for Pre-sale
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Public sale in
Phase Period Soft Cap Hard Cap
Kick Off May-June 2021 500,000 Euro 1,000,000 Euro
Private Sale July 2021 - 13 August 2023 1,000,000 Euro 2,000,000 Euro
Pre Sale 14 August 2023 - 30 September 2023 1,000,000 Euro 3,000,000 Euro
ICO 1 October 2023 - 31 October 2023 21,612,000 Euro


Participation in the Kyubex ICO involves financial and technological risks. The Token does not guarantee future profits or equity participation. The Company intends to comply with the MICA Regulation, and participants must adhere to local and international laws. We assume no liability for loss or damage resulting from the ICO. Participation implies acceptance of these terms.



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