Our Company

Kyubex was born in 2019 from an idea of Italian entrepreneur Roberto Mossa, who, analysing the unexpressed potential of DLT technologies, came up with a concept on how blockchain technology and artificial intelligence could be exploited to find a common denominator between business needs, the experience of professionals and investors looking for talent and companies to invest in.

The real challenge was to do this using new technologies, mainly digital currencies linked to smart contracts, while maintaining a level of compliance and regulation equal to that of the traditional financial system.

To achieve this, it was not enough to create a technology platform, the real innovation lay in re-engineering the model with which investment projects were managed, creating a new concept that had the technological robustness of the digital world and at the same time the regulation of traditional finance.

Underlying this vision was the idea of realising these interactions through collective help, decentralising power and mitigating the risk of dependency on large institutions.

During the subsequent journey of almost four years, Kyubex invested large sums to develop a proprietary concept, worked to create the technological platforms that enable its implementation, and above all, created relationships with world-class partners who fully support Kyubex's development model and the projects it is implementing. Today, Kyubex Solutions is a fintech corporate group, founded in 2019, capitalised at more than €3 million, with offices located in several EU countries .Kyubex has conceived a technological ecosystem centred on the "Kyubex Tokenization Platform", an aggregator of services usable through an intuitive platform, which creates work and investment opportunities, connecting businesses and professionals, to exchange services and skills and generate a real and sustainable economy.