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This is how tokenization works on Kyubex.


Presentation and evaluation of the project and related documentation.

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Account preparation, business model adaptation, project assignment to professionals, risk assessment.


Final checks on documentation compliance and legal compliance.


Issue of tokens, listing of the security on the SAE(Security Asset Exchange) platform for investors and release of funds to the company.

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Why are we different?

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We list what we know

All asset should follow a precise protocol to be listed

We list only security token that we create

Full control

In Kyubex you have full live control over you investment

We create a connection to the asset, to supervise and do provide live data to the investor


Risk managment is the key

What can you do with the Kyubex Platform

If you are an investor


Find new investments


Live track your investment
Track you asset 24/7/365


Advanced risk management
tools and portfolio analysis.


We do it different

Our Tokenization platform is pure revolution.

We accelerate the future of digital investment with the most advanced platform on the market.
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Control over investment
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"We want to create new opportunities for businesses to grow: that's why we created Kyubex" Roberto Mossa - CEO & Founder

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